Super Balloon Boy – Coming Soon to iPhone and iPod Touch

Glowdot’s newest iPhone game Super Balloon Boy was just submitted to Apple and is on it’s way soon. Super Balloon Boy is a retro-style high-scoring platformer with intuitive, one-touch and tilt controls and OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards.

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Stay tuned for the release announcement.

148Apps reviews mentalBlock

Glowdot’s physics puzzle game mentalBlock came out for the iPad a few weeks ago and was surprisingly well received. The game was recently ported to the iPhone/iPod under the name mentalBlock Mobile.

This morning, 148Apps gave the iPad game a really, really nice review. The kind of review that makes you really glad you put in the hours:

There are plenty of puzzle games already available for the iPad, but there are few with the style, sophistication and customization options of mentalBlock. Meditation has never been so frustrating, and that’s a good thing.

You can read the full review here.

Find mentalBlock and mentalBlock Mobile in the iTunes App Store.

mentalBlock for iPad update and weekend sale

mentalBlock for iPad got an update last week, adding 10 new levels and a new block type — THE SPINNER.

Since it’s release, mentalBlock has climbed into the top 150 iPad apps over all, #47 in paid games, and well into the top 10 in both the puzzle games and simulation games categories.

mentalBlock for iPad is on sale for just .99 this weekend only, so if you haven’t experienced mentalBlock yet, now is your chance!

Rogue Runner old

Rogue Runner is an episodic endless run game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Don’t miss this game! Get Rogue Runner on iTunes!

You play as a soldier locked away in a top secret military base in the  desert.  After years of being experimented on and shaped into a super  soldier by evil government agents and alien collaborators, you finally  decide you’ve had enough.  You hijack a prototype vehicle (either a jeep  equipped with rocket boosters or a jumping tank) and bust out.  All you  gotta do is run as far away as you can, before the MIBs, aliens, UFOs  and black helicopters can stop you.
Feature List:
  • Vehicles – endless run AND endless drive!
  • Multiple vehicle choices — Jeep and Tank, initially, with more to come
  • “Last Chance” mode – when your vehicle is destroyed, you’ll pop out as soldier.  Still armed, but more vulnerable.
  • Enemies that shoot back!
  • Air enemies (helicopters and UFOs) that you can fire targeted rockets at (by tapping them)
  • Completely randomly generated terrain
  • Kill enemies by shooting them, firing rockets, or stomping
  • Insane, movie quality sound effects
  • OpenFeint leaderboards, and in 1.1, achievements
Don’t miss this game! Get Rogue Runner on iTunes!
For updates and news about this game keep an eye on this thread, and also you can follow me on twitter @stromdotcom and subscribe to my youtube channel, also stromdotcom for new videos, etc.

mentalBlock old


“If you’re a big puzzle fan and want to try some quality titles on your iPad, check this app out.” –

” mentalBlock for iPad is the perfect app for killing some time and building some brain cells.” –

“There are plenty of puzzle games available for the iPad, but few with the style, sophistication and customization options of mentalBlock. Meditation has never been so frustrating, and that’s a good thing.” –

“One of the truly unique physics games on the iPad” – app store user


mentalBlock is a physics puzzle game done in a totally unique style.

Some blocks need to stay, some need to go.  Some need to be worked around, and some can be used to your advantage.  Once you figure out the rules, and adapt to the physics involved, you’ll need to remove the mentalBlocks in each level in order to proceed.  But it isn’t always that easy, as you might find green “idea” blocks that you don’t want to disturb.

Things may look easy, but remember: there are physics involved.  That means, it doesn’t just matter WHAT you do, but WHEN you do it.

mentalBlock is not only a great physics puzzler on its own, but we’ve taken it to the next level, by including the same level builder used to create the levels that ship with the game!

Challenge yourself against the 55 levels that ship with mentalBlock (with more coming in updates), then create your own levels to share with friends, or even submit to us for possible inclusion in a special “user created levels” section.

– 7 Distinct block types
– Real physics modeling and gravity
– 55 levels, from fun and clever to downright difficult
– Original sound effects and music
– Sound/Music toggle
– Create, edit, save and share your levels
– Totally unique “staticy television” graphical style and sound scheme

Want to see it in action?  View the game trailer at

Mastery of mentalBlock is only the beginning.

What’s New In Version 1.4

Updated OpenFeint to newest version to address loading screen crash issue.

Year of the Dragon

A limited edition promotional concept puzzler for iPad, Year of the Dragon is a faced paced, block removing puzzler.

mentalBlock for iPad

a physics game like no other. Read more »

mentalBlock – coming soon to iPad

mentalBlock is a physics based puzzle game, and we believe the first iPad game with a built in level editor.

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mentalBlock was submitted to Apple today and should hopefully be available in about a week.

Super Balloon Boy

Invented in the 70s by John Conway, the Game of Life is the best known cellular automaton.

This “paper version” of the Game of Life gives you a 20×20 game world to play with, adjustable simulation speed, a few well known game states to get you started, and a cool pen and paper look and feel.

Doodle Chaos

Doodle Chaos is an experimental physics puzzler for the iPad.

It’s part pool, part miniature golf, part physics puzzler, part… something else.

In each round, you have one shot to get your ball to the target.  In your way are walls, breakable blocks, movable platforms, unpredictable teleporters, giant pulsating magnets and annoying red repellers.  You have to figure out the correct angle and power to propel your ball around all the chaos to get it to the goal.

So, what makes it experimental?

The levels are created by the users!

Included are 15 simple tutorial levels to teach you the basics of how it works.  Most importantly, the game includes a complete level editor, from which you can create, save, and upload your game levels to challenge other users.

Levels can be sorted by date, number of times someone has beaten it, or by vote.

I really want to see if something like this is possible on the iPad: a fun, challenging but casual game that harnesses the creative power of its users to make a puzzle game with a potentially unlimited number of puzzles.

For that reason, Doodle Chaos is FREE and always will be.  I just ask that you create at least one level and upload it to contribute!

Thanks for checking out Doodle Chaos!  Have fun!


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