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Playground Wars

Go to Playground Wars on the AppStore Go to Playground Wars on Google Play
A full featured, monetized castle defense game featuring kids defending their playground. The bullies have taken over and you and your friends are not allowed in to play! Take it back!
Play Playground Wars online here

CBC Power & Politics

A live interactive second screen experience for CBC. Follow debates, cast your vote in real time, follow the latest news and social feeds from Twitter and Facebook – and watch it all aggregate live, on air! Our second screen platform offers the latest in news and broadcasting.


An awesome social app developed by Glowdot. Meet up with your friends now!

Sonos On Tour

An internal training game for Sonos built on our Time Management Game platform. Integrated mini-games offer sales training on Sonos products.

Dark Shadows Photo Filter Experience

Create cool Tim Burton style photos with this app available on iOS in the app store.

Ispect Vehicle Inspection System

A complete production system aimed at the European Vehicle Inspection market. Inspect vehicles anywhere with any device. This system is fully developed, maintained and owned by Glowdot.

Hiding Monsters

Go to Hiding Monsters on the AppStore  
Hiding Monsters is a charming e-book in which the reader plays a friendly game of hide and seek with a lovable group of monsters. The app is highly interactive and reasonably priced.
—Best Apps For Kids

Air National Guard – Air Taptics

Go to Air Taptics on the AppStore Go to Air Taptics on Google Play
Assess your reaction time, logic and mental agility in this app from the Air National Guard. Think you have what it takes? Prove it. It’s epic. It’s straight from the field. It’s Air Taptics.Complete sixteen missions across three modes: Training, Mission or Multiplayer. Training lets you try your hand at any of the Air Taptics missions as you learn how the app works. In Mission, you won’t have to choose the Air Taptics mission; we’ll give you one after another. And Multiplayer allows you to compete one-on-one with another player while selecting your favorite Air Taptics missions.

The War Horse Experience

A second screen experience for the Stephen Spielberg movie War Horse. Follow the timeline and visit various locations in the movie during World War I.

The Dark Knight Rises Photo App

An awesome photo filter app. Take photos and mark the city with the Batman logo.

Rogue Runner

Go to Rogue Runner on the AppStore  
Get the most exciting, frantic, varied and unique endless running, high scoring game available for iOS devices!

Rogue Runner Exemplifies Why App Store Gaming is Awesome – TouchArcade

Hiding Hannah

Go to Hiding Hannah on the AppStore  
Hiding Hannah is an interactive book for children aged 2 and up. Parents’ Choice Recommended!

Mental Block

Go to Mental Block on the AppStore  
If you’re a big puzzle fan and want to try some quality titles on your iPad, check this app out.” –

mentalBlock for iPad is the perfect app for killing some time and building some brain cells. –

Disney’s Make Your Mark second screen app

A second screen prototype voting platform developed for Disney Channel.

Gymboss Interval Timer

Go to Gymboss on the AppStore Go to Gymboss on Google Play
Gymboss 2 is a completely rebuilt update on the immensely popular Gymboss interval timer app. The Gymboss Interval Timer is a programmable interval timer perfect for cardio workouts and HIIT training.

Glowdot Time Management Gaming Platform

This is just one of our own gaming platforms developed by Glowdot. Monetized, achievement system and social integration.

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