Ball Drop

Glowdot Productions brings you a perfect blend of fast paced puzzle gaming and casual gaming in Ball Drop.

The rules are simple: look for chains of like-colored balls and tap them to drop them off the grid.

Sounds easy, right?  Well,  it’s not.  New balls are dropping in constantly, changing the grid.  Should you play it safe and remove chains as soon as they appear?  Or should you go for huge bonus points by allowing the grid to fill up before removing chains?

Oh, and don’t just tap the screen randomly — you’ll lose points for every false tap.

Conway’s Game of Life

This Game of Life gives you a 20×20 game world to play with, with a cool pen and paper look and feel.

Are You Compatible? updated to version 1.1

Glowdot’s Are You Compatible? app has been updated to 1.1.

compativkle app #26 in Health and Fitness with Zuzana Light is #26 on the free Health and Fitness charts in the app store, and has held that position since its release last week.

That chart position reflects well over 1000 downloads a day.

SoundSketch on iPhone and iPod (coming soon)

Glowdot Productions, Inc. and have joined forces to bring to the iPhone and iPod Touch:

free image hosting

The app features world’s hottest fitness expert and YouTube superstar Zuzana Light.  Users will have access to all of Zuzana’s videos (currently nearly 200 with new videos coming constantly) directly on their iPhone, as well as Zuzana’s exclusive daily mobile blog and photo gallery.

free image hosting free image hosting
free image hosting free image hosting for iPhone and iPod touch is coming soon.  I will announce the official release of this app here so stay tuned!

Glowdot in the Press

Zen Jar for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Zen Jar is a new type of global communication.

Compose a short thought, question, concern, or any other meaningful writing and put it in the Zen Jar. It will then be sent out into the Universe.

If you want to find out what other people are thinking, hit the receive button to receive an unclaimed thought from a stranger out there in the world. Read it, ponder it, and even respond to it if you like.

If someone responds to one of your thoughts, it will automatically emerge from the jar, and you can now start a dialogue with a complete stranger if you like.

Let’s all share our deepest thoughts and concerns with each other! Start a text conversation with a complete stranger and enlighten yourself!

This app requires a network connection, and is perfect for fans of Distant Shore, Ocarina and even Sonic Lighter. Basically anyone who wants to meet and have a conversation with a total stranger.

NEW: Join Zen Jar on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace!!

Search Facebook for “Zen Jar”


NOTE: to use Zen Jar with your twitter account, you must edit the app settings in the iPhone/iPod settings app!

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