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Glowdot and PowFolio at San Diego Comic Con 2016!

We just returned from an amazing week at San Diego Comic Con.   We were on hand for the big public announcement of our PowFolio comic book reader, available now on iOS and Android.  In the 3 months since we launched PowFolio, we remain the #1 comic book app on the Apple App Store, and […]

PowFolio now available on Android!

We’re proud to announce our groundbreaking comic reader PowFolio is now available on Android! Within the first month of PowFolio’s launch on iOS, we became the #1 comic book app on the app store, and the only 5 star rated comic book app on iOS! We’re excited to bring this revolutionary platform, and our incredible […]

Free comic reader PowFolio now available on iOS!

We’re pleased to announce our latest venture, PowFolio, is now available on iOS.   PowFolio is a free, streaming comic book reader for iPhone and iPad (with Android coming soon).  Users can read any of over 10,000 comic books from major publishers in the industry, including Image, Arcana, Antarctic, and many more.  Pages are “streamed” in […]

Caremob available for iOS!

We’re proud to announce the launch of Caremob for iOS. Caremob is the first ever real-time global movements app, allowing users to react to current events in any of six ways: protest, support, empathy, peace, celebration and mourning.  Users can leverage Caremob to spread the word about movements they care about, and lend support to […]

How much does it cost to build an app like _____?

In technology — and apps are no exception — new ideas often are iterations on existing ideas.  In fact, I’d say (conservatively!) that around 80% of the calls we get start with a question following this basic formula: “I’d like to build an app like X but targeting Y group with Z features.” Totally legitimate […]

Thoughts on Swift

The buzz about Swift has only slightly started to die down, so I thought I’d put a few of my thoughts about it down on Glowdot.  My thoughts are less about the language itself, but the adoption of new technologies in general, and what I feel it all means in my industry. When I first […]

Who’s bidding on your app project?

Like any responsible business, we spend a fair amount of time keeping up with the competition.  This is especially important in a business like ours, where the same project can receive wildly different bids.  It’s important for us to know who’s bidding on your project, so we can help you tell them apart. As I’ve […]

Glowdot to offer Xamarin development

We’re pleased to announce we have scheduled two apps to be developed on the Xamarin platform, and plan to offer Xamarin development to our clients moving forward. Xamarin allows us to more efficiently develop cross platform apps for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone by developing in a common language: C#.  This allows us to […]

How much does it cost to develop an app?

“What do you mean my app will cost $80,000 to develop?  I have a stack of quotes in front of me that are all around $2000! One guy here says he’ll do it for $500!”   That amusing image has been popping up in my LinkedIn feed more and more lately, which tells me that […]

Playground Wars is FREE!

Our strategic castle defense game Playground Wars is free on iOS as of today. Playground Wars is also available (for free!) on Android in the Google Play store, and Mac OSX in the Mac App Store. Download Playground Wars for iOS Download Playground Wars for Mac OSX Download Playground Wars for Android

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