We are a mobile and interactive agency located in Santa Monica, CA. Our core offerings are software development, consulting and publishing. Our core business is delivering premier services specializing in the latest technology and trends where we both guide your customers to design the right product and make it come to life. Our highly skilled team of designers and developers, with decades of experience, is what separates Glowdot from the competition. We always deliver our products on budget and on time and never make unrealistic promises in order to get a deal.


  • Game development for the game industry and gamification of brands and gamified learning tools for corporations.
  • Marketing apps and utilities for the entertainment industry.
  • Social second screen experiences for TV and broadcasting.
  • Business systems focusing on optimizing processes, workflow and data storage.



GAMESOur core skill is designing and developing games, particularly for mobile and online platforms. With the company’s core skills and licenses in some of the most versatile game platforms, this is the main source of income for Glowdot. Our long history of creating games that today have millions of gamers worldwide has so far led to several high end contracts with companies like Sega, Sonos and Accenture. In particular, combining the gamification of apps and creating learning games for major corporations will be our absolute focus area for the year to come. The complexity of making a game is huge, and includes advanced features, ease of learning and visual design – all of which are extremely important to the end result. Beyond simply delivering a completed work, the game must have the right balance of difficulty from beginner to expert and requires that every programmable byte of code be enjoyable and fun to play. This is what our team masters and is our strongest competitive resource.


Glowdot develops apps for all mobile platforms, with a primary focus on iOS, Android and Windows 8. We develop anything from children’s books, e-learning and health apps to social apps, business systems and advanced photo and location services apps. Glowdot will always stay up to date with the latest technology and current market trends which include social integration with the latest features offered by communities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


We build seconds screen companions for news shows, sport events, talk shows, movies and radio. We extend your event to all platform and together with our partners we offer a seamless experience where your user become involved directly. Our framework and technology offer end-to-end Social Media.


While business systems are not the core offering of Glowdot, we have a long history of designing, building and maintaining business systems. We are today especially interested in learning tools and the automotive industry. Our key business in Sweden is centered around mandatory vehicle safety inspection and this system will grow exponentially over the next year since the Swedish market is de-monopolizing and all current systems are old and the actors of the market is looking for new modern solutions. This system will later be targeted to the entire European market and towards vehicle fleet operators.


Developing great software is the core of Glowdot and we give you the front row seat as a customer. In every phase you will feel involved with our transparent development process with clear milestones. In the early phases we work with you in understanding and setting the requirements. Later on in the development your involvement will be reviews and approval of milestones.

Glowdot development process

We have developed apps for customers such as Disney, DreamWorks, Air National Guard and SEGA. Our own Mobile Apps have millions of users worldwide. We can create your 5 star rated app!


They key to a successful development is having the right
vision of what you want to achieve. The discovery, analysis and assessment of
your business model, users and customers needs is essential to any business. We
can help you with:

  • Mobile and Platform Strategy – Current trends
    and new platforms and technologies. Utilize the actors.
  • Marketing – Understanding customer behavior and
    trends within casual gaming and social apps
  • Concept creation
  • Prototyping
  • Application and Web Design
  • Business development
  • Branding, graphic design, UI and UX
  • Technical support

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