Free comic reader PowFolio now available on iOS!

We’re pleased to announce our latest venture, PowFolio, is now available on iOS.



PowFolio is a free, streaming comic book reader for iPhone and iPad (with Android coming soon).  Users can read any of over 10,000 comic books from major publishers in the industry, including Image, Arcana, Antarctic, and many more.  Pages are “streamed” in as you read, and nothing is stored on device.  So in essence, you get a virtual library of thousands of books, in thousands oftitles, from dozens of publishers, without any storage requirements whatsoever — all completely free.

PowFolio was developed in partnership with Red Giant Entertainment, and launches in time for Free Comic Book Day 2016.

Check it PowFolio free on the App Store!

And follow @powfolio on social media for news and updates!


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