Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Glowdot at Unite11

This week we are at the Unite11 Unity Conference in San Francisco, California. While Rick is here to learn some new Unity skills, both Rick and Michael are here to meet other Unity developers and potential clients, so if you happen to be in San Francisco this week, send us an email and we’d be […]

Zen Jar

Compose a short thought, question or any other meaningful writing and put it in the Zen Jar. It will be sent out into the Universe.


PhotoZen is a photo sharing and social networking app. Send a photo off into the Universe and wait for another one to come back.

Are You Compatible?

Enter in your sign, and the sign of your love interest, and get a quick rating of the relationship’s success.

Hiding Hannah

An interactive children’s book in which the reader can interact by helping the “huge hider”, Hannah Howard.

Rogue Runner for iOS

Road To Labor

A digital book containing information about the process of childbirth.