Monthly Archives: June, 2010

148Apps reviews mentalBlock

Glowdot’s physics puzzle game mentalBlock came out for the iPad a few weeks ago and was surprisingly well received. The game was recently ported to the iPhone/iPod under the name mentalBlock Mobile. This morning, 148Apps gave the iPad game a really, really nice review. The kind of review that makes you really glad you put […]

mentalBlock for iPad update and weekend sale

mentalBlock for iPad got an update last week, adding 10 new levels and a new block type — THE SPINNER. Since it’s release, mentalBlock has climbed into the top 150 iPad apps over all, #47 in paid games, and well into the top 10 in both the puzzle games and simulation games categories. mentalBlock for […]

Rogue Runner old

An action packed endless runner game for iOS. TouchArcade said Rogue Runner “exemplifies why app store gaming is awesome”.

mentalBlock old

A thrilling puzzle physics game. A blend of stunning art, science, and gameplay, showing what is possible on the iPad.

The Deadlings

The Deadlings is an action puzzler with retro roots, coming soon to X360 and PC.


SoundSketch is a casual music production tool for electronic musicians to discover melodies, or for non-musicians play with.


A mindbending arcade style puzzle game for iOS, adHesion is not for the faint of heat – or the weak minded.  Coming soon

Year of the Dragon

A limited edition promotional concept puzzler for iPad, Year of the Dragon is a faced paced, block removing puzzler.

mentalBlock for iPad

a physics game like no other.